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Porto awarded Best City Destination in Europe at the World Travel Awards 2022

Porto awarded the title of Best City Destination in Europe at the 2022 World Travel Awards. In a voting open to the public until October 20, Porto was also competing for the title of Best Heritage City Destination in the World. Before that, the “Cidade Invicta” (“Undefeated City”, a common nickname of Porto) had already won the regional feature of the competition, assuming the distinction of Best City Destination in Europe in 2012, 2014 and 2017. The World Travel Awards cover the entire spectrum of the travel and tourism industry, from hotels, resorts and destinations to airlines and tour operators around the World, being recognized globally as a mark of excellence.

An Ancient Comprehensive University in a Historical Ancient City

Reitoria Universidade do Porto, Portugal

With roots going back to the 18th century, the University of Porto (U. Porto) was formally constituted on March 22, 1911, shortly after the establishment of the republican regime in Portugal. In an initial phase, the U. Porto was structured into two faculties: Science and Medicine. Other faculties were founded still during the 1st Republic, notably the Technical Faculty (in 1915, later renamed as the Faculty of Engineering), the Faculty of Arts (1919) and the Faculty of Pharmacy (1925). However, the growth of the U. Porto would eventually be hampered during the period of dictatorship that prevailed in Portugal between 1926 and 1974. Currently, the University of Porto is a Public Foundation ruled by private law that enjoys statutory, pedagogical, scientific, cultural, administrative, financial, patrimonial and disciplinary autonomy. With over 110 years of history, the University of Porto is an institution proud of its past. And it is on the past that the institution lives the present and projects its future.

Porto Promotional Materials

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Destined to support the tourist, either in the organization of the visit or during the stay at the destination, the promotional materials, of the initiative of the Tourism of the Municipality of Porto are, also, made available to the public in general and to the tourism sector, with the objective of provide an excellent welcome to those who study, live or visit Porto, whether for leisure or business. Access the official page: Porto Tourism  

On the official page of Tourism of the Municipality of Porto, maps of the city are available, basic support for tourist orientation, the City-Break Guide with 3-day itineraries, or even thematic guides, aimed at those interested in a specific topic: Visit Porto and Porto City.

Stylized image of the city of Porto
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